Keith Parker has been involved in the contact lens industry since 1976.  His experience in manufacturing has enabled him to be an effective consultant, specializing in fitting the irregular cornea.  Currently, Keith is owner and president of Advanced Vision Technologies and vice president of EyePrint Prosthetics, LLC.  Keith was formerly the general manager of the contact lens division of Essilor Laboratories of America. He has served as the president of, and currently serves on, the Contact Lens Manufacturing Association (CLMA) board of directors.  In addition, Keith has participated in numerous industry-related advisory panels and has lectured on contact lens-related subjects throughout the United States and abroad.  Keith has published articles in Contact Lens Spectrum, Optometry Today, Lab Talk, Eyewitness News, Global Contact, and received the 2001 Global Contact Award.  He has also been active in the development of corneal mapping technology as it relates to manufacturing GP contact lenses.  Keith is National Contact Lens Examiner Certified (NCLEC).