EyePrint Prosthetics is committed to providing solutions to improve ocular health and enhance visual performance.  We offer a selection of products to accommodate a variety of scleral shapes and to address numerous refractive issues.  EyePrint offers two impression-based scleral lenses, the EyePrintPRO and the EyeFitPRO.

The EyePrintPRO is the original EyePrint lens and was designed to fit the most irregular ocular surfaces. In order to bring EyePrint’s technology to a broader audience, EyePrint developed the EyeFitPRO to accommodate moderately irregular eyes.

Incorporating advances in scanning technologies, EyePrint developed the ScanFitPRO which utilizes topographical information obtained from certain ocular scanning devices. Our latest development is a custom specialty corneal contact lens, the EyePrintGP which can be fit using the EyePrint Impression Process or scanning technology. This product is still in clinical trials. All of EyePrint Prosthetics’ products incorporate our patented Elevation Specific Technology.

Please review the comparison charts and examples below to gain a sense of which EyePrint products might be a match for you. Please consult with a local EyePrint or ScanFit Practitioner to discuss your options and specific needs.