Therapeutic Use (Case Studies)

When a lens is used to medically treat a condition and alters the course of the disease. For example, if a patient cannot shut his/her eyes, then a lens protects the surface of the eye from drying out and, therefore, helps preserve the integrity of the ocular surface.

Refractive Use (Case Studies)

When a lens is used solely for vision correction, regardless of any underlying disease process.  EyePrint Prosthetics’ premium optical enhancements and rotational stability enable not only standard vision correction, but assist those with more complex visual problems.

Elevation Specific Technology (Case Studies)

Before EyePrint Prosthetics’ impression-based technology, there was a gap in the scleral lens market’s ability to appropriately match a patient’s individual scleral contour. Elevation Specific Technology enables all ocular “lumps and bumps” to be accounted for in lens design, which allows for a more comfortable and healthy fit.