Ocular Impressions

The EyePrint Impression Process takes only minutes and acquires the most accurate data possible of the ocular surface. Using an FDA-approved ocular compound and an insertion tray, designed specifically to fit the ocular globe, the impression process captures all corneal-scleral irregularities and contours.

This simple, non-toxic process allows for more information to be obtained than high-tech, computerized topographical scanners. This provides the practitioner with the ability to fit the most complex of eyes.


“…when I actually went through the procedure it was very comfortable and actually putting that in your eye was no different than putting your contacts in. There was no pain, absolutely no sensation, was very comfortable, very easy.”
– Jim D

Custom Lens Production

After the impression process is complete, the EyePrint Practitioner sends the impression to EyePrint Prosthetics for scanning, designing, and manufacturing.

The proprietary EyePrint Scanning Process creates a virtual 3D model of the eye. The 3D model is then imported into our proprietary EyePrint Designer software, where a virtual lens is generated to parallel the unique ocular surface. Once the design is complete, the data is sent to a state-of-the-art manufacturing lab.

This advanced EyePrint technology identifies the details of the ocular surface for optimal design, vision, and comfort.

The final EyePrint contact lens is then shipped to the Certified EyePrint Practitioner for dispense.