The EyePrintPRO is an optically clear, prosthetic scleral device designed to match the exact scleral contours of a patient’s individual eye which is unique like a fingerprint. Developed to address the most significant of elevation differences on an ocular surface, the EyePrintPRO accommodates patients with the most severe ocular disease, trauma, and/or ocular elevation differences. Through the rotational stability, enabled by this custom fit, the EyePrintPRO also features advanced optics, like optical prism in any direction, a fully customizable multifocal, and decentered optics. For most patients, this results in superior vision, a more comfortable fit, and translates into longer wear time.

A Certified EyePrint Practitioner can assist you in determining which EyePrint product is best for you.

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The science of Elevation Specific Technology

360⁰ matching of the scleral profile

EyePrintPRO Cornea: An eye with advanced keratoconus requiring a lens with an extreme sagittal depth that varies from its center to the periphery.

EyePrintPRO Sclera: An extreme scleral elevation requiring a highly customized scleral landing zone.