Custom Software

Practitioner guided algorithm designs a patient lens in three-dimensions.

ScanFitPRO Consultants

Consultants are highly trained and professionally evaluated prior to any customer interaction.

Customizing Scleral Lenses Just Got Easier

A scleral lens is created from an ocular scan rather than an impression.

Empowering the Practitioner

Ongoing education and support are available as needed.

The ScanFitPRO combines Elevation Specific Technology with exciting new developments in the field of ocular topographical scanning.
The development of the ScanFitPRO, EyePrint Prosthetics has given the practitioner in-clinic access to a custom design software utilizing EyePrint Prosthetics’ scleral lens algorithm. This custom software gives physicians the power to design a custom lens based on the patient’s unique ocular profile without diagnostic lens fitting, enhancing design accuracy and fast-tracking the fitting process.

The ScanFitPRO design software is compatible with Oculus Pentacam’s Corneal Scleral Profile (CSP) Report and the Eaglet Eye’s Eye Surface Profiler (ESP). Both of these scanning technologies capture the patient’s eye in straight-ahead gaze, which maximizes accuracy. The scanning process takes less time and is more accurate than a diagnostic lens fitting.

The topography data is then input into the ScanFitPRO Software and a customized ScanFitPRO is designed, the practitioner sends the completed design to EyePrint Prosthetics for final approval. The files are then sent to the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The final lens is shipped to the ScanFitPRO Practitioner for lens dispense.

ScanfitPRO is for mild pinguecula

ScanfitPRO is for mild keratoconus

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